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Forest in Nature

Meet Indy
*This Indie Author is Passionate*

My name is Indica Martin, (nickname: Indy) and I am truly an "Indie" author. Also, aka, Junebug, (my grandma used to call me Junebug when I was a little girl growing up in West Virginia.)

This is my first time writing a book and it has been four (4) years into the making.  I have never taken any classes on how to create or write any type of book, but I had a calling to make this book a reality.

This project is about caring enough to learn knowledge from a variety of eclectic resources and letting go of the all conditioning that was coming at me full force on every corner.  

This became a journey of the self and I realized there were very important principles that needed to be talked about.

From what I have learned, we are here to experience and understand, the true nature and how we are connected to everything surrounding us.


Children are known to absorb just about everything they see and hear starting from when they are infants until about the next four to six years. In these illustrations, I am trying to convey a way for children to comprehend the most beautiful basic principles of nature.


We, as adults, are responsible for what our children learn and absorb; what goes into their hearts; and what transpires in their thought-processes. Let this compilation help them understand their hearts and minds, so together, we can build a better future with and for them.

When I was very young, I only knew what I was told. I didn’t understand how nature played a key part in my life. In my heart, I felt a deep sense of connection to nature, but I didn’t really think about it that much. I would almost always get the answer, “Because that is the way it is and there is nothing you can do to change it.”  Actually, hearing this only makes any young child feel powerless.

Later, when I got a little older, I thought I understood what the word nature meant, but didn’t apply my conscious mind to really focus on it. There were many distractions around me every second, steering my attention away from learning and understanding nature at a deeper level.

However, in my older years, I realized my connection with nature was real and knew it was time to get busy!  Being a mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, and a wife, I always knew in my heart there had to be some important reason I was experiencing this moment in time. In fact, most adults in my life have shown a lack of care or an absence of real purpose and didn't know why they put here in the first place.

Fast forward to about four years ago, I started to hear about the "invisible energies" or forces in nature. Fortunately, I had some time off to myself, which allowed me the necessary space to dive deeper into this subject.  I’m not an expert or teacher, and I'm not claiming to know all the answers.

I opened my mind and heart and focused hard, asking myself, "What do I want more than anything in the whole world?" The answer (intuition) came to me—and it was crystal clear. I wanted young people to learn about the principles (first things) of nature much sooner than I did.

Give to Nature and Nature Will Give to You" illustrates an easy understanding of nature and the energies in and around us every second of our lives.

OUR MISSION: To create a shift of higher consciousness and CARE about where we focus our time and attention. Only then, can we understand and share the principles and importantance of nature with all children.


 Give to Nature and Nature Will Give to You

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