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About Junebug Nature Books

Junebug Nature Books now has 3 "NEW" digital versions of this book to add to the collection:   Languages of Italian, French and Spanish


All energies in nature are working around us every second, whether we understand it or not. This children's book illustrates how our behavior affects the world we live in and how important it is to communicate this to our young. 


About the Author

Indica Martin, (nickname: Indy) is an Ohio-based writer and is truly an "Indie" author as this is her very first children's book. 

She was guided to create this book for children so they could better understand the "principles and energies in nature" at a very young age.  The reason that she wrote this book is to help expand their awareness and consciousness and her hope is that it will be learned, shared, and valued by everyone who reads it. ❤️

About the Author

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What People Are Saying

William Keller

This book is amazing. A must have for parents to teach their children about Nature and her Laws. The artwork is very creative and the author includes phenomenal topic points for both parents and children to enjoy and learn. My daughter, friends and family love this book, I have multiple copies and it makes for a great gift as well.
Much love and respect!

Dan W Abell

Junebug has nailed what youngsters need to know and to be conscious of in this world of misinformation. This is important to being a well-rounded, happy and 'aware of other people's concerns' kind of person society need more of. There are way too many selfish people in this world who likely never realized the role nature plays in our decision-making choices. This book helps sort all that out in a simple, nicely illustrated way. I recommend this book!

Amazing Parent

I purchased multiple copies during this book’s phase as a kickstarter project. Excellent reading material for those with children attempting to convey these Understandings at the earliest age possible. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

What People Are Saying

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